Adding Full Text Search to your Java Applications with Elasticsearch

Track: Practices and Other Tech

So you’ve created a Java-based application with Micronaut that persists and retrieves data to your backend DB. Everything works perfectly! The client is happy, the PM is happy - everyone is happy! And then one day, the client calls the PM and says “hey, can you add Google to my site?” And the PM calls you and says “hey, you can add Google to the site in like just a few hours, right?” And in your head you’re like “uhhh…no, Google is a company, not an open-source Java module” but you say to the PM “sure, we can add full-text search to the site!” What’s that? You’ve never worked with full-text search before? Then this session is for you!

Todd Sharp

I’m a Developer Advocate for Oracle focusing on the Oracle Cloud. I have 15 years experience as a full stack developer. I’ve been working with dynamic JVM languages and various JavaScript frameworks for my whole career - originally with ColdFusion and more recently Groovy/Grails on the server side. I have experience with everything from jQuery, ExtJS to all versions of Angular on the front end.