How Do I Build Thee? Let Me Count The Ways!

Track: Tools and Techniques

There are many different tools to build container images — Docker, Maven and Gradle plugins, Podman, Buildah, Bazel, Docker-in-Docker, Kaniko, and of course, manually. What are the pros and cons of these tools and how do they actually work? Leave this session with a better understanding of image building and the expertise to confidently choose a build method for your environment.

Melissa McKay

Melissa is a long time developer turned international speaker and is currently a Developer Advocate for JFrog, Inc. Her background and experience as a software engineer spans a slew of technologies and tools used in the development and operation of enterprise products and services. She is a mom, Java Champion, Docker Captain, co-author of the upcoming book DevOps Tools for Java Developers, a huge fan of UNconferences, and is always on the lookout for ways to grow and learn. She has spoken at Kubecon, DockerCon, CodeOne, JFokus, Java Dev Day Mexico, the Great International Developer Summit, and is part of the JCrete and JAlba UNconference teams.