Pattern Matching for Java

Track: Core Java

Pattern Matching is already known to Java Developers. Over the time, Java language has expanded its pattern matching capabilities from just matching strings to matching object types. Introduction of Records and Sealed Classes in previous Java versions is just part of the story. In this talk, we will discuss the need and usage of Pattern Matching. We will uncover this feature which is going to be most helpful to developers going forward.

Neha Sardana

Neha Sardana is a Software Developer for Java based applications for over a decade.

She is currently Vice President at Morgan Stanley and JUG (Java User Group) Leader for Garden State JUG, New Jersey and NYJavaSIG, New York. She has worked in financial services for almost 10 years in both Europe and the US.

She is a technologist and an OSS enthusiast and loves to talk and blog about all things open source.