Exploring Stateful Microservices in the Cloud Native World

Track: Cloud Technology

While stateless systems are easier to architect, design, and implement, the truth of the matter is that we live in a stateful world in which we need to keep track of the state of data in a lot of cases. So how can we handle persisting data with containerized microservices in a Cloud Native world?

Grace Jansen

Grace is a Developer Advocate at IBM, working with Open Liberty, MicroProfile and Cloud Technologies. She has been with IBM since graduating from Exeter University with a Degree in Biology. Grace enjoys bringing a varied perspective to her projects and using her knowledge of biological systems to simplify complex software patterns and architectures. As a developer advocate, Grace builds POC’s, demos and sample applications, and writes guides and tutorials. She is a regular presenter at international technology conferences and has recently authored a book on reactive systems. Grace also has a keen passion for encouraging more women into STEM and especially Technology careers.

Mary Grygleski

A passionate software technologist who appreciates good craftsmanship and desires to be a contributor to making people’s lives better through technology.