Implementing Passwordless Logins using the Spring Authorization Server and the WebAuthn protocol

Track: Workshops

What if users can create an account and log into your application without ever having to enter a password. For example, a new user accesses your application from an iPhone they can create a new account and login using FaceId. The workshop shows you how to use the Web Authentication Protocol and the Spring Security Authorization Server to implement such functionality. The Web Authentication is widely implemented in all modern browsers provides a highly secure and user-friendly onboarding and authentication experience. In the workshop we will cover everything you need to know to understand how the Web Authentication protocol works and how to implement it using Spring Security and Spring Authorization Server.

Adib Saikali

Adib is a currently a Principal Solutions Engineer at VMware Tanzu and part of the Office of the CTO. He is long time Spring Java / Developer having built in application from small 2 person start, to large multinational companies. Adib is the author of Securing Cloud Applications a book that teaches Java developers effective real-world practices to keep cloud and Kubernetes-deployed applications safe and sound.