Getting Caught up with Kotlin

Track: Java Platform

Kotlin is one of the industry’s newest darlings. It’s sleek. It’s succinct. It’s seemingly everywhere these days. It gets crazy amounts of hype but is it worth it? I say yes, of course, but it’s actually easy to find out for yourself! This talk will go over the basics of the syntax and show scads of examples of how Kotlin can make your life easier. And it’s not just for mobile development! We’ll look, briefly, at a number of preexisting libraries that have nothing to do with mobile dev that you can use today in whatever project you have in mind. Curious about Kotlin? Come join the journey and find out more!

Justin Lee

Justin Lee is Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, a Java Champion, a Kotlin fanatic, and has been programming in Java since 1996. He has worked on virtually every level of the application stack from database drivers all the way to application servers and front end interfaces. A long time advocate of Java and Kotlin, he has spoken at conferences and user groups all across the US and Europe. He is an active open source community member contributing when and where he can. He can be found on twitter and github as @evanchooly.