Closing the Developer Experience Gap in the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Track: Cloud Infrastructure

In the fall of 2020, Stephen O’Grady of RedMonk wrote about The Developer Experience Gap. He described how on one hand developers have access to “any infrastructure primitive they could possibly want” but on the other hand they are left with the problem of getting them to “play nicely together”. This paradox resonates for any developer building solutions for the cloud today but seems even further amplified in the Kubernetes ecosystem. In this session we will explore some of the powerful open source technologies available to developers within that ecosystem but with a particular focus on closing the developer experience gap.

Mark Fisher

Mark is a Senior Staff Engineer at VMware and the tech lead for application team experiences on Tanzu. He spent more than a decade on the Spring team, where he started the Spring Integration project and contributed to the core Spring Framework and several Spring Cloud projects. Then in 2017 Mark shifted focus to Serverless Functions and Kubernetes as a platform for building an application platform while continuing to apply the principles behind Spring, such as Inversion of Control and Separation of Concerns.