From Zero to Monitored

Track: Practices and Other Tech

This talk will cover some of the basics of how to get started with metrics and getting your simple java application to have monitoring. Not only will we cover which metrics are best for SLIs and when and what your SLOs should be, but also when to incorporate logs and tracing, as well as metrics. Participants will expect to leave knowing some observability basics and how to use the monitoring to understand system health and avoid some potential incidents.

Ajuna Kyaruzi

Ajuna Kyaruzi works in Developer Relations at Datadog and cares about using software to help people sustainably run large-scale systems, focusing on Incident Managements and SLOs. She loves community building and volunteers with multiple mentorship programs aimed at helping early career folks break into tech, and ensuring they have successful careers. Previously she worked at Google as a Software Engineer on Google Maps and as a Site Reliability Engineer on Google Cloud.