Batch Processing Cloud Apps with Java

Track: Unobtanium
In the world of cloud-native apps, we need to deal with a large amount of data from multiple sources. This requires considerable effort to read, process, and distribute. As the number of records increases, plain Java may not be the best solution. With many out-of-the-box solutions—such as transaction management, retry, chunk processing, and several templates—the lightweight framework of Spring Batch can help. Combined with the power of Kubernetes, you can easily make your batch processing rise to the clouds. We discuss this universe and its architecture and templates—providing live code examples to demonstrate all possibilities you have on your hands.
Rodrigo Graciano
Rodrigo Graciano is a Java Champion with over 15 years of software development experience and is a Principal Software Engineer at a financial institution in NY. He is also a senior member and a Leader in the NYJavaSIG, the Java User Group from NY.
Elder Moraes