BDD from the Trenches

Track: Practices and other tech
Have you tried Behavior Driven Development and not gotten the expected results? Does the team get bogged down in arguments about whether a statement is a "given" or a "when"? Are you trying to understand scenarios that run multiple pages in length? Do your specifications break when the development team refactors the UI? This talk will present BDD best practices learned by working with multiple teams over several years to avoid overly complex and brittle specifications, prevent BDD from being yet another source of "truth", and other obstacles that may prevent your teams from getting the full value out of the BDD practice
M. Jeff Wilson
M. Jeff Wilson is an avid software developer, published author, certified scrum master and SAFe Program Consultant, and lifelong learner. He has worked with teams in the telecommunications, insurance, traffic engineering, retail, and other industries to develop and deliver solutions and improve processes. Jeff has been coding since 1981, starting with punch cards and FORTRAN at Georgia Tech, and BASIC on a friend’s Apple IIe. Jeff enjoys gaming, running, music, homebrewing, and, yes, coding in his spare time.