Building RESTful Web Services with Jakarta EE

Track: JakartaEE
In this workshop you will examine and work with the Jakarta EE 10 implementation of Jakarta REST 3.1. You will work through several modules that will provide you with experience in developing RESTful services. Not only will you be looking at the traditional hosting of REST services on an application server, but you will also learn how to embed a specialized REST server in most any type of Java application. It does not end there as this workshop will show you how to implement REST clients using JSON-B to go from an object to JSON and then back again. Come prepared to discuss what you will want to do with REST and then workshop your needs.
Kenneth Fogel
Ken is a Java Champion and member of the java Community Process Executive Committee. He is also the organizer of the annual JChampions Conference, He retired from the classroom after 31 years teaching software development at Dawson College, 25 of those years as the chair and program coordinator of the Computer Science Technology Program. He is currently a Research Scholar in Residence at the college. His first book, Transitioning to Java, was recently published by Packt. He has spoken at numerous conferences. His recent project has been the development of a Jakarta REST 3.1 workshop for the Eclipse Foundation.
Ivar Grimstad
Ivar Grimstad is the Jakarta EE Developer Advocate at Eclipse Foundation. He is a Java Champion and JUG Leader based in Sweden. Besides advocating the Jakarta EE technologies, Ivar is contributing to the Jakarta EE specifications as well as being the PMC Lead for Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J). He is also one of the specification leads for Jakarta MVC and represents Eclipse Foundation in the JCP Executive Committee. Ivar is also involved in MicroProfile, Apache NetBeans, and a wide range of other open-source projects and communities. He is a frequent speaker at International developer conferences.