CAPES aren't just for super heroes... They're for you too!

Track: Practices and other tech
CAPES is an acronym for the top soft skills needed in technology today; Communication/Collaboration, Adaptability, perseverance, Empathy and self-awareness. Because hard skills generally create revenue, we hire individuals based on their technical skills but we fail for identify how the lack of soft skill can negatively impact the company's ledger. This 50 minute session will define the 5 soft skills most prominent in technology today, detail the pros and cons of soft skills in the workplace, list ways that soft skills can help you in your career and identify ways we can improve these skills in our everyday lives.
Najae Stevenson
FullStack Software Engineer with 6+yrs of experience. I graduated from Colorado State Global Campus with a Technology Degree. I am a 2 time speaker at DevNexus and an extroverted mother of 4. I am the President of Black Consultants at Daugherty Business Solutions. I am a champion for D&I and effective communication.