Cross-Platform Cloud CI/CD

Track: Web and Front-end
More and more teams are leveraging cross-platform development for their web, mobile PWA, iOS, and Android applications. However, if you are still leveraging traditional CI/CD or manual deployment processes, you can still experience release delays and different DX and UX across platforms. A unified system for cross-platform builds and deploys can prevent knowledge silos, speed up releases, and ensure an efficient process no matter what the platform. This talk will cover the considerations when building a CI/CD system to manage web and mobile deployments, and options for implementing a cross-platform CI/CD solution in the cloud. What you'll learn: - How web, Android, and iOS deployments are different - The specific factors to consider when building a cross-platform CI/CD strategy - Options for implementing a cloud CI/Cd strategy for all your deployments across multiple platforms
Cecelia Martinez
Cecelia Martinez is a Developer Advocate for Appflow at Ionic, a company that helps web developers build cross-platform applications using modern technology. She is dedicated to creating better, more inclusive developer experiences for all. Previous companies include Cypress and Replay, with areas of expertise including web development (React, Angular, Vue), testing, developer tools, and open source. She is a Lead Volunteer with Women Who Code FrontEnd, Chapter Head of Out in Tech Atlanta, and a GitHub Star.