Dataframes, Collections, and Streams in Java

Track: Core Java
Wanna go full Data Scientist or Collection Ninja* with Java? We've got your back! Join us on our fun adventure of exploring the world of dataframes, collections, and streams! We will be using built-in features in Java, as well as libraries like Eclipse Collections and Dataframe-EC. —-------- *) Collection Ninja - someone who knows how to manipulate collections like wielding a samurai sword
Rustam Mehmandarov
Passionate computer scientist. Java Champion and Google Developers Expert for Cloud. Public speaker. Ex-leader of JavaZone and Norwegian JUG – javaBin.
Donald Raab
Donald Raab is a Managing Director and Distinguished Engineer, BNY Mellon. Don has more than 20 years' experience as a Software Engineer in the Financial Services industry. He started programming with Java in 1997. Don is a member of the JSR 335 Expert Group (Libraries) and is also the creator of the Eclipse Collections open source Java Library. Donald was selected as a 2018 Java Champion, and he is a frequent speaker and guest trainer at key Java conferences and user group meetups.