Enhancing Java applications for the cloud

Track: Java Platform
Are you in the process of modernizing your business from a monolith to an agile micro-service oriented model in the cloud? Or is your application already cloud-native? There are different performance concerns that need to be taken into account when deploying to the cloud in comparison to traditional deployments. With serverless and FaaS models, startup time and memory footprint play a big role, as it determines the cost of deploying to the cloud. Come to this session to learn more about how technologies like checkpoint/restore and remote JIT compilation can help boost startup time and reduce memory footprint to minimize your costs. You'll also learn how these features integrate seamlessly with existing container technologies for simple, secure and predictable deployments. Whether you are a cloud veteran or a new comer, there will be lots to learn!
Tobi Ajila
Tobi is a Java Runtime developer for the J9 VM team in Ottawa, Canada. In the past, he has worked on Interpreter optimizations, JVMTI enhancements, JSR 335, and more. He has also collaborated with other developers in the OpenJDK in the Valhalla and Panama experts group. Currently, his main focus is on investigating checkpoint/restore technology at the JVM level.