GraphQL from the Ground Up

Track: Frameworks
REST has become a standard for services on the internet, but it isn't without its drawbacks. GraphQL is a query language from Facebook that's caught on to address many of these issues. It provides API consumers with better visibility and more control over their data. Where REST has endpoints and status codes, GraphQL has queries, mutations, types, and richer errors. It allows you to ask for precisely the data you need, to batch requests for parallel server processing, and even returns partial results in the face of downstream failures. In this talk, we will explain our experience adopting GraphQL at New Relic. We will discuss the challenges and solutions we found - including the smaller community using GraphQL outside of the Javascript ecosystem, how we learned to think differently about the data we expose, and why you might consider adopting it yourself. We will also showcase the open-source libraries that we created to help both our own services and those of the wider community.
Jason Clark
Jason Clark is a Principal Engineer and Architect at New Relic where he’s worked on everything from petabyte-scale JVM data processing pipelines to Ruby instrumentation libraries. He was previously an Architect at WebMD building .Net-based web services. A regular conference speaker, Jason contributes to the open source project Shoes, which aims to make GUI programming easy and fun for beginners and students. He's also co-author of two books, The Well-Grounded Java Developer, Second Edition with Ben Evans and Martijn Verburg, and Java in a Nutshell, Eighth Edition with Ben Evans.