Hands on with Azure Spring Apps Enterprise

Track: Cloud Technology
Azure Spring Apps Enterprise is a fully managed service for Spring applications from Microsoft and VMware. Building on the Spring framework and bringing the best components of Microsoft Azure and VMware Tanzu, Azure Spring Apps - Enterprise paves the way for a faster path to production, for every enterprise Spring developer out there. At our workshop, get hands on and learn about this amazing solution from Microsoft and VMware experts. Learn how Azure Spring Apps Enterprise can work for your organization. During this session, we will explore: App architectures in the cloud, and how this managed service enables them. Go JAR to URL. Take apps to the happiest place on earth — production — with the Azure Spring Apps, without worrying about infrastructure, app lifecycle, monitoring, etc. Make your apps production ready with polyglot multi-service capabilities, SSO, rate-limiting, and more. Learn how Azure supports service discovery, centralized configuration, service connectors, application auto scaling and monitoring, distributed tracing, secrets using Managed Identities and Key Vault, isolation, on-premises connectivity, and blue/green deployment. Get insights from our experience in helping customers solve real challenges with typical app architectures and complexities. As a bonus, learn all about what makes for a great developer experience. Take advantage of our free rapid app assessment workshop with our experts, to power your modernization journey to the cloud. We will have limited slots, so sign up early! Pre-requisites: Attendees should bring a laptop that does not have VPN restrictions, to fully leverage our dev and test environments without challenges. Some professional software development experience, with working knowledge of Spring Boot.
Eric Manley
34 Years Industry Experience Started Career in Application-Development Architecture (Application & Infrastructure) Leveraged App-Dev Skills For Automation-of-Many-Things Last 12 years in Cloud/Infrastructure/Platform Automation
Anish Patel
Anish Patel is a Staff SE at VMware, focusing on organization modernization. His past experiences include running operations for a major EdTech company, as well as an ITSP. He also helped design the original firmware for Uber bikes. When he is not busy working on customer problems, you'll find him on the mats at you local BJJ school.
Ajai Peddapanga
Ajai Peddapanga is a Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft and a Technical Leader in the App Innovation space. Since 2014, he has been helping large enterprise customers build their cloud strategy, adopt Azure, and migrate data centers to Azure. A prestigious Microsoft Gold club award winner, he works closely with customer decision makers, c-suite through architect and developer on strategies for application modernization and increasing developer velocity. Prior to Microsoft, he spent 10 years as a product owner, building multi-tenent SaaS solutions for the supply chain industry. Ajai started his career as a Java Developer in 1999 and he is passionate about building large scale enterprise solutions using Java and Spring. LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajaipeddapanga/
Manoj Singh
Manoj Singh is a Java Champion and Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft. In his current role he helps customers design and implement innovative cloud-based solutions that drive digital transformation and business growth. His role also involves collaborating with cross-functional teams to identify opportunities for application optimization, automation, and scalability, while ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and compliance with industry best practices. Thus, enabling organizations to rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy applications that enhance user experience, streamline operations, and foster a culture of innovation. Prior to joining Microsoft, he was an Application Architect/Technical Lead/Software Engineer at Amazon, Johnson & Johnson and other companies.
John Lafata
John LaFata is Staff Solution Engineer at VMware. John's focus is helping customers in their journey to the cloud using modern technologies through the lens of the VMware Tanzu portfolio of products in the public and private cloud. John has rich experience from years of developing high performing enterprise applications in a variety of business verticals.