Harnessing the Hyper-dimensional Mind: Visualizing Brain Computer Interfaces

Track: Practices and other tech
The future of human machine teaming will harness the human mind in ways that were the dreams of the past's science fiction. The technology is here now but researchers are challenged to understand the incredible complexity of the human brain. Functional brain computer interfaces are a now a nascent but rapidly accelerating field. With the physical technology becoming a reality governments, corporations and research facilities are racing to find ways to understand how the human mind can be harnessed for good. One of the many challenges of Brain Computer Interfaces is decoding and interpreting the hyper-dimensional signals that come from a human brain's connected neurons. A critical method for understanding this decoding is visualization. This keynote discussion will describe what makes a brain computer interface possible, how it can be utilized and what the current limitations are. A software demonstration will be provided which demonstrates receiving, organizing and visualizing decoded neuron data with dimensions well beyond 3D. Animated visualizations will be provided which provide insight into the brain's actions and how such a technology could be used for good and the betterment of mankind in the future.
Sean Phillips
Sean M Phillips is a senior software engineer at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory whom specializes in custom data visualization. Sean is a Java Champion and multiple Duke's Choice Award winner providing research and capabilities on several domains including Cislunar space defense, Brain computer interfaces and advanced cyber-physical effects.