Jakarta EE for Spring Developers

Track: Jakarta EE
**Jakarta EE 9** changed its package namespace from `javax.*` to `jakarta.*`. This may sound like a trivial change that mostly affects Jakarta EE. So, why should Spring developers care? As it turns out, the namespace changes ripple throughout the entire Java ecosystem. And Spring is no exception. Spring Framework 6 and Spring Boot 3 raise their baseline to Jakarta EE 9 API level which is supported by Tomcat 10 and Jetty 11 for example. Attending this session will teach you how to make this migration as smoothly as possible. A live coding demo will take you through the steps involved, and point out where to pay special attention. We will also briefly examine some of the changes introduced in **Jakarta EE 10** that will prepare you for what to expect from Spring 6.x. Some pointers to what we can expect from **Jakarta EE 11** will also be given.
Ivar Grimstad
Ivar Grimstad is the Jakarta EE Developer Advocate at Eclipse Foundation. He is a Java Champion and JUG Leader based in Sweden. Besides advocating the Jakarta EE technologies, Ivar is contributing to the Jakarta EE specifications as well as being the PMC Lead for Eclipse Enterprise for Java (EE4J). He is also one of the specification leads for Jakarta MVC and represents Eclipse Foundation in the JCP Executive Committee. Ivar is also involved in MicroProfile, Apache NetBeans, and a wide range of other open-source projects and communities. He is a frequent speaker at International developer conferences.