Jakarta EE integration testing

Track: Jakarta EE
Integration testing is difficult as you need additional systems, like a database, with a predefined set of data to have repeatable tests. With the availability of the Testcontainers framework, developers can test the real application by deploying it in a container using the runtime that will be used in production and dependencies available in other containers. In this session, we explore a few scenarios of how you can use the Testcontainers framework to test your Jakarta EE application, including a remote debug session of your code.
Rudy De Busscher
Rudy loves to create (web) applications with enterprise backend platforms like Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. Currently, he is a Developer Advocate for MicroStream. He has worked on various projects in a team for customers, contributed to various Open Source projects, and supported developers. He is active in the IT industry for more than 20 years and is a big fan of OpenSource. He is also passionate about Web Application Security and is a member of the Java EE Security API team of Jakarta EE.