Jakarta EE or Spring? Real world testimonies

Track: Jakarta EE
You are starting a new project and you need to choose between languages and frameworks but you face one of the toughest decisions about going with the Spring family or the Jakarta EE ecosystem. In this session we will discuss how each one can fit in different situations with pros and cons and give you tips to help you choose the right tool for the right problem using real world scenarios from our 10+years of experience developing enterprise applications with java.
Jose Diaz
JOSE AMADEO MARTIN DIAZ DIAZ Computer Engineer, with extensive experience in analysis, design and implementation of SOA and Micro Services solutions for 20 years, applying agile methodologies and PMI good practices. I am currently external consultant at Sunstone Tech AS (Norway). I am the Leader of the Java Users Group of Peru, a group of Java users recognized worldwide by Oracle. Facilitator, Organizer and Speaker at Events about Java, Java EE, Cloud Native, Micro Services and Serverless technologies. Winner of the Duke Choice Awards 2017 for the JEspaƱol project. This 2018 I was chosen as Java Champion by Oracle and I am the first Peruvian to have this distinction at the service of the world's IT community.
Jorge Cajas
Manager/consultant at MangoChango Jorge is a Java developer, Duke Choice Award winner (2016) and Leader of the Guatemalan Java User Group. With 10+ years of experience in the software industry, he works a consultant for MangoChango with clients from the financial, banking, healthcare, IoT and others. Also He likes to attend and speak at conferences since 2012.