Java to Kubernetes for dummies

Track: Unobtanium
Kubernetes, it looks really great. Think about the great features: scaling, reproducibility, etc. Everyone is talking about it, it's hype! So, Let's migrate our Java apps to the cloud and Kubernetes! Wait a minute ... Have you seen all these YAML files? We hate YAML! It is already a full time job to maintain our Java applications but now with Kubernetes, we also have to - write and maintain Dockerfile files - write and maintain YAML files - configure and rething our existing CI/CD and deployment architecture - etc. Yes during this talk, we are going to suffer 👿 ... but I promise, I will guide you, teaching you the basics of Kubenetes to move your Java apps. I will also show you a way to move your Java apps to Kubernetes with only 6 lines of XML 🤣
Sun Tan
Sun is a Senior Software Engineer and a Java developer with 15 years experience, currently working at Red Hat. Sun is involved in the Eclipse Che project from the very beginning as a core contributor. He recently joined the JKube project team. Sun has the community in his heart and is devoted to open source. He has been contributing to open source softwares while working for companies like Nuxeo, Serli and now Red Hat. Today, his adventure continues in sharing his source code, promoting great talks and speakers at his local Paris Java User Group, coding with Eclipse Che and enjoying his new hobby: brewing beer in his kitchen.