Journey to cloud : leave no Java workload behind

Track: Java Platform
The shift towards cloud and container technologies is driving a number of innovations in the Java ecosystem. With the growing importance of startup time and memory footprint, features developed in the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM like remote JIT servers and using CRIU to snapshot/restore Java applications are increasingly relevant for modern Java deployments. You may have read about or watched a talk about these exciting new technologies, but in this talk we're going to pull together the full landscape for you. We'll explain how snapshot/restore and JIT servers and all the other performance and footprint enhancements developed at OpenJ9 fit together as a compelling and cooperative solution to optimize Java for the cloud. Come to this talk to learn more about our vision and strategy for the future of Java performance, where no Java workload is left behind in the journey to the cloud.
Vijay Sundaresan
Vijay Sundaresan is Performance Architect at the IBM Toronto Lab responsible for WAS/Java runtime performance. Vijay’s technical background and expertise is in the areas of performance analysis, compilation and virtual machine technology, Java SE and Java EE specifications, as well as hardware optimizations over the past two decades. Vijay was one of the original architects on both the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM as well as on the Eclipse OMR open source projects. As a graduate student at McGill University Vijay also made contributions to the Soot bytecode analysis framework.
Mark Stoodley
Mark joined the IBM Markham lab in 2002 after graduating from the University of Toronto with a Ph.D. focusing on the field of computer engineering. He spent his entire IBM career in the Runtime Technologies (formerly Java Technology Center) team developing, testing, servicing, and now architecting Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers. Mark led the J9 Java Virtual Machine team through the effort to significantly refactor and then to contribute millions of lines of J9 source code to two open projects : Eclipse OMR and Eclipse OpenJ9. Following this successful effort, he became the Chief Architect for IBM Java, leading a global team that builds, innovates in, and services the IBM Semeru Runtime (JDK) for thousands of Java-based products and cloud services used by small, medium, large, and huge companies spanning all sectors of the IT industry.