Just Code isn't enough, A successful project needs more....

Track: Practices and other tech
We’ve been working in evolving organizations with their projects and in the banking industry arise brand new digital transformation areas with cloud-native journeys. At this talk, we will share the importance of a healthy culture and soft skills beyond to have great coders. We modernize and improve our teams (and eventually an organization’s) to increase velocity for delivering software-based projects. Let us show you how we improve and influence people, processes, and eventual technology decisions.
Alberto Salazar
Alberto Salazar is an entrepreneur, passionate Consultant, Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, JUG Leader, Auth0 Ambassador, founder of the Ecuador Java User Group, Java Community Process Associate Member and Java evangelist/trainer. He is the co-author of the book 'Software Architecture with Spring 5.0'. Alberto has been working for 2 decades creating large scalable and high transaction load systems from military software to banking solutions. He is also a frequent speaker at Java conferences such as Oracle Code One, JBCNConf, Voxxed Days, Oracle Code, Red Hat Summit, JavaOne, Oracle Developer Tour Latam, OTN Tours, and local JUG meetings.