Let's take a look at how a Jakarta EE cloud-native application should look!

Track: Jakarta EE
Jakarta EE 10 has arrived and along with Eclipse MicroProfile, it has paved the way for Enterprise Java developers to develop easy-to-maintain, powerful applications that can be deployed on almost any environment. Jakarta EE applications can now be cloud-native applications and they should no longer be constrained by how they used to look 15~20 years ago. DevOps engineers will greatly benefit from this talk in which we’ll analyse the anatomy of a Jakarta EE application that’s geared to be cloud-native, and how these applications can benefit using standards to their benefit and longevity.
Fabio Turizo
Fabio is a software Engineer offering over 12 years in the IT industry with a focus on software architecture and development. Oracle Certified Professional and Specialist in Java SE and EE platforms. Currently working as Service manager and developer advocate at Payara Services Limited, working all things Jakarta EE and MicroProfile related. Likes to present talks about modern tech topics for developers, and architects about DevOps topics, Enterprise Java and microservices. Likes Java a lot, but Python will always have a special place in his heart.