Live Coding Quarkus: Supersonic, Subatomic Kubernetes-Native Java

Track: Unobtanium
Quarkus is a Supersonic, Subatomic Kubernetes-native Java stack built from best of breed libraries and standards. Quarkus is: * Really Fast! * Container First * Community driven * Standards based * Light weight * Built for Testing * Imperative and Reactive * Perfect for Microservices Most importantly Quarkus is built for “Developer Joy!” Coding with Quarkus is productive and fun. Quarkus delivers an inner development loop that provides instantaneous feedback and an outer loop that makes Kubernetes easy (well, almost easy.) Join me as I build and deploy a Quarkus application and experience the Developer Joy for yourself! At the end of this presentation you will know: * What Quarkus is and how it works * How to get coding quickly * How to build REST applications in minutes * How to build event-driven applications using Apache Kafka * How to deploy applications to Kubernetes * How to continuously test with real dependencies Only 3 slides; the rest is hands on keyboard Developer Joy!
Jeremy Davis
I am a Chief Architect for App Services at Red Hat. I help Red Hat's customers to design and deliver deliver applications, work with Red Hat engineers to create great products, and occasionally speak at conferences. Before joining Red Hat I wrote a lot of code in C, C#, Groovy, Java, JavaScript, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic; mostly Java. I currently co-lead Red Hat’s Application Development Community of Practice, and used to lead Red Hat's Microservices Community of Practice and the Business Rules and Workflow SME group. I’ve recently spent a lot of time with Reactive applications and programming. I’ve been with Red Hat since 2010, and have been Chief Architect for App Dev in the Southeast since 2019. I recently acquired a Marshall amp after relying on Fenders for years.