My children will never deploy active-passive.

Track: Architecture
Is your app alone and trembling in a dark, single-region with failures, latency, and retry storms closing in on every side? Build a Spring Boot app with Spring Data Redis, deploy it to a single region backed by Azure Cache for Redis Enterprise (ACRE). Add a global load balancer like Azure Front Door. Deploy the same application to multiple regions, backed my multiple instances of ACRE connected in active-active configuration. Learn why connecting to data in a different region is an anti-pattern. Demonstrate destroying an entire region to show the value of active-active level resilience. Using Terraform, Spring Boot and Azure. In this session, you will learn a reference architecture, for modern, geo-distributed applications. You will learn how to modernize a single-region application, into a multiple-region or multi-cloud architecture. By the end of this interactive session, your apps will be able to shine bright with confidence, resiliency, and no more trembling.
DaShaun Carter
DaShaun is a husband, father of four, volunteer, struggling athlete and Spring Developer Advocate at VMware Tanzu. Deliberately practicing to build, run, and manage, better software, faster.