Natively Cloud Native - Building Agile Microservices with Micronaut

Track: Cloud Technology
This talk is a fast-paced introduction to the Micronaut framework, from creating the first app to orchestrating a microservice federation and deploying to the cloud. We will cover the basics of writing Micronaut apps, communication between services, building for resiliency, managing configuration, and deploying to a cloud provider. By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a good understanding of both the distinctives and features of the framework and be ready to start building and deploying your own apps with Micronaut. Buckle up!
Zachary Klein
Zachary Klein is Principal Software Engineer at Object Computing Inc, where he works as a consultant and solutions architect, as well as an OSS contributor to frameworks like Grails and Micronaut. Zachary has delivered private and public training on many facets of application development, including front-end frameworks, architecture, and web security. Zachary is based in St Louis MO with his lovely wife and five (yes, you read that right!) incredibly adorable children.