Next up: Spring Security 6

Track: Cloud Infrastructure
Holy deprecations, Batman! Aside from all the great native, observability, and authorization features, SAML and OAuth enhancements, and password security improvements, the Spring Security team did a lot of clean-up, too! In this talk, we'll start with a secured Spring Security 5.8 app, prepare it for 6.0, update, and then add features like crazy. :) We may even get to use Spring Authorization Server 1.0 in the process.
Steve Riesenberg
Steve Riesenberg is a Software Engineer at VMware where he works on the Spring Security team, contributing to Spring Security’s OAuth support as well as the Spring Authorization Server. His interests are in security, distributed systems, messaging, web development, FinTech, and JVM languages such as Kotlin. He contributes occasionally in the ZeroMQ community and is the maintainer of a high-level ZeroMQ API for the JVM. He has extensive experience developing security solutions and APIs for online banking platforms, and has worked to deploy numerous online and mobile banking systems. He enjoys working with large teams of various skill-sets and loves thinking through the user experience from the UI to the mainframe (and back again).
Josh Cummings
Josh loves to code, and his kids love to code, too! Since he was a wee teenager with a TRS-80 from Radio Shack, he's loved building whatever came to mind. These days, he contributes full-time to Spring Security codebase. He also is the author of a handful of Java web security courses and loves learning from and mentoring others about application security. When Josh isn't coding, he's dunking over his kids on a seven-foot basketball hoop, eating frosted mini-wheats, or reading Brandon Sanderson. Or he's coding.