The Programmer's Guide to JDK Flight Recorder

Track: Tools and techniques
The JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) is an event-based diagnostic and profiling tool built into the JDK. JFR can provide detailed information about the performance of a JVM and Java applications running on it and help diagnose when something goes wrong in production. JFR has several powerful and flexible APIs for capturing, streaming, and filtering information. This presentation will focus on how programmers can take advantage of these APIs for testing, capturing valuable data, providing live metrics, and more! If you have been wondering how to improve the performance of your Java applications or get better insight into their internal workings, this presentation is for you!
Billy Korando
Billy is a Java Developer Advocate with the Java Platform Group at Oracle. With over a decade of experience in Java, Billy brings a passion for helping developers find ways to reduce tedious work, such as project initiation, deployment, testing, and validation, through automation and adopting the latest features and tools in the Java ecosystem. Outside of work, Billy enjoys traveling, playing kickball, and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs. Billy also co-organizes the Kansas City Java users group.