Weaving Spring Cloud Gateway on Loom

Track: Frameworks
We will provide a brief history of API gateways in Spring Cloud, including Zuul and why we built Spring Cloud Gateway to replace it. Then we will give a short primer on how the gateway routes and filters requests. We will then introduce how Spring Cloud Gateway can work in servlet containers using virtual threads on Java 21. We will compare and contrast this new functionality to the original WebFlux-based Spring Cloud Gateway.
Spencer Gibb
Spencer Gibb is a Software Engineer at VMware where he is the co-founder and lead of the Spring Cloud Core projects. His interests include distributed systems, JVM languages, web services frameworks, message-driven architectures and making software development simpler. He has industry experience in early e-commerce platforms, government and non-profit organizations, and business intelligence startups. He has extensive java experience and experience in other languages such as scala and python.