Why You Should Be Doing Contract First API Development

Track: Unobtanium
How do you develop APIs and services efficiently and effectively while improving software quality and team productivity? That's called contract-first API development! By using tools like OpenAPI specification and generator tooling capable of leveraging it, you can leap ahead in your development by generating lots of the boilerplate code, some of your tests, and allowing multiple parallel workstreams within your team. In this session I will show you examples of how you can fast track your API and service development today!
Daniel Vaseekaran
Daniel Vaseekaran is a Senior Consultant experienced in all aspects of Cloud Native Application Development. Mr. Vaseekaran has worked with clients to establish best practices in developing and deploying Cloud Native Runtimes on OpenShift. He has excellent knowledge of the entire lifecycle of software development including Domain-Driven Design, Contract First API Development, Testing Best Practices, and CI/CD Release Management. He is a Red Hat Certified Engineer and has experience with automation and infrastructure setup tools like Ansible and Helm. Currently he is specializing in enabling clients to use Service Mesh and Envoy to utilize better traffic control and monitoring within their Kubernetes environments.