A developer’s journey to Kubernetes: a handy guide for developing, deploying, and debugging your app

Track: Cloud Infrastructure
Containers are everywhere nowadays, and they have changed the way we develop, architect, deploy and troubleshoot our apps in production. This talk will cover the most important things you need to know from developing containerized apps, to deploying them into your Kubernetes cluster, and finally, debugging them. We will cover valuable tools to boost your productivity on Kubernetes—like Skaffold, Dart, Buildpacks and Jib—and discuss common deployment patterns and best practices. We know developers need to understand how to manage resources, application lifecycle and which K8s API objects to use for which component, and in this talk we’ll detail these important items. We also know that developers struggle to troubleshoot their deployed applications, because, well, things break and you need to figure out why!
Abdel Sghiouar
Abdel Sghiouar is a senior Cloud Developer Advocate @Google Cloud. A co-host of the Kubernetes Podcast by Google and a CNCF Ambassador. His focused areas are GKE/Kubernetes, Service Mesh and Serverless. Abdel started his career in datacenters and infrastructure in Morocco where he is originally. Before moving to Google's largest EU datacenter in Belgium. Then in Sweden he joined Google Cloud Professional Services and spent 5 years working with Google Cloud customers on architecting and designing large scale distributed systems before turning to advocacy and community work.