Architectural Design Patterns Deep Dive

Track: Architecture
In this day-long work workshop, we will review a catalog of all the standard architectural design patterns. For each design pattern, we will run docker-compose files that demonstrate the strengths and weaknesses of those design patterns. So, you have a first-hand, full-on, and highly engaged full-day workshop to give you the knowledge you need to make critical architectural choices. All labs and examples will be using docker-compose. The examples that we will be focusing on in this intensive workshop include: * Hexagonal Architecture * Domain Driven Design * Circuit Breaker * Retry * Bulkhead * Ambassador * Event Sourcing * Competing Consumers * Claim Check * Materialized Views * CQRS (Command-Query Responsibility Segregation) * Strangler Fig * Gatekeeper * Valet Key * Saga Pattern * Data Mesh
Daniel Hinojosa
Daniel Hinojosa is a programmer, consultant, instructor, speaker, and author. With over 20 years of experience, he does work for private, educational, and government institutions. Daniel loves JVM languages like Java, Groovy, and Scala; but also works with non-JVM languages like Haskell, Ruby, Python, LISP, C, C++. He is an avid Pomodoro Technique Practitioner and makes every attempt to learn a new programming language every year. Daniel is the author of Testing in Scala and the video of Beginning Scala Programming Video Series for O’Reilly Publishing. For downtime, he enjoys reading, swimming, Legos, football, and cooking.