Cache Me If You Can: Speed Up Your JVM With Project Valhalla

Track: Java Platform
OpenJDK’s Project Valhalla is set to revolutionize how the JVM handles data objects in memory. By bringing the characteristics of primitives to Java objects and classes you’ll see denser memory layouts that can lead to many advantages such as improved cache performance and a smaller memory footprint.
This talk offers an exploration of Valhalla's objectives, progress, and its potential impact on the Java ecosystem with examples throughout. Come discover how Project Valhalla is on the verge of reshaping the landscape of Java, paving the way for a more efficient and high-performing future.
Theresa Mammarella
Theresa Mammarella is a software engineer working on the Eclipse OpenJ9 JVM at IBM. She enjoys helping developers harness the full potential of their tools to create innovative, secure and performant solutions. Theresa is a frequent conference speaker and community organizer, giving talks around the world at Jfokus, Devoxx, DevNexus, JavaZone, KCDC, Java User Groups and more.