Configuration security as a game of pursuit intercept

Track: Security
In this session we will take a look at the emerging field of cloud security posture management and how we can approach the problem space using a class of board games known as pursuit/intercept. Using the game Scotland Yard as a visual illustration we'll explore the cognitive and technical limitations that all CSPM systems face and what you should look for when evaluating the strengths and weakness of CSPM vendors.
Wes Widner
Wes Widner is a Principle Engineer with Cyberhaven, a data detection and response startup focused on keeping your company's data safe. His work history includes data engineering with a number of companies such as McAfee Labs’s Global Threat Intelligence department, malware pipelining with Norse Corporation, and building out Crowdstrike's data platform. In his spare time, Wes also enjoys teaching children how to hack, ethically of course.