Connect the Tables: How to Graph Relational Databases

Track: Architecture
You might have heard about graphs, but what if you already have a relational database? How do you incorporate something new? This session will show you how to translate part or all data from a relational format into a graph. We will cover the basics of migrating the model and practical steps for actually implementing it. We will walk through naming and case conventions for graphs, as well as some principles for a successful graph model. At each step, we will show live code for making this work in the real world. Come to this session to get concrete steps for graphing relational databases.
Jennifer Reif
Jennifer Reif is a Developer Advocate at Neo4j, speaker, and blogger with an MS in CMIS. An avid developer and problem-solver, she has worked with many businesses and projects to organize and make sense of widespread data assets and leverage them for maximum business value. She has expertise in a variety of commercial and open source tools, and she enjoys learning new technologies, sometimes on a daily basis! Her passion is finding ways to organize chaos and deliver software more effectively.