Contextual search with vector search: exploring your options with open source tools.

Track: Artificial Intelligence
Have you noticed the recent improvement in how our searches have become smarter? It's fascinating how vector search technology has enhanced our contextual search experience. The underlying idea is quite straightforward. For example, let's consider an example of a movie recommendation system. The idea is to represent each movie in our catalog as a vector, a numerical representation of a piece of text. Once we're done with that and also converted the search phrase into a vector, we step into a whole new realm — a multidimensional space where these vectors replace the original text values. Through some mathematical techniques, we can determine which movie representations are closest to the vector representing our search query! How do we create such vector representations? We need an AI model trained on vast amounts of data to recognize patterns and effectively convert text phrases into vectors. All of this you’ll learn in this session. We'll try out different data solutions - ClickHouse, OpenSearch and PGVector. We'll also explore different models available depending on your language preference and skills, or, in case you 'd rather not run the model locally, what APIs you can use to do data inference for free. Plenty of demos and a bit of coding for each of the options. This session will be useful for anyone who is intrigued by contextual search and usage of AI, but might find themselves overwhelmed by the complexities to get started.
Olena Kutsenko
Olena is a seasoned expert in data, sustainable software development, and teamwork. With a background in software engineering, she's led teams and developed mission-critical applications at Nokia, HERE Technologies, and AWS. Currently, she works at Aiven where she supports developers and customers in using open-source data technologies such as Apache Kafka, ClickHouse, and OpenSearch. She is also an international public speaker and regularly present at conferences around the world. She holds AWS Developer and Solutions Architect certifications, and is also a Confluent Catalyst.