Crafting Code with a Conscience: Your Role in Ethical Data Stewardship

Track: Agile
Ensuring ethical data handling is not just about compliance; it’s a moral imperative. Dive into this critical session to understand how dev teams can arm themselves with a curated set of tools, insights, and frameworks designed to seamlessly integrate ethics into your development process while championing & influencing ethical data stewardship.
Nyah Macklin
Nyah Macklin is a Developer Evangelist at Couchbase. Nyah has a non-traditional background, with a degree in African & Afro-American Studies and a career in civil service and community organizing. This background gave them the expertise to decipher the ways systems within tech perpetuate the exclusion of historically underrepresented communities, and implement policies to counteract that fact. Nyah cares about making technology and software accessible to as many communities as possible. Twitter: @NyahMacklinDev