Crossing The Streams - leveraging Pulsar IO + Pulsar Functions together with Spring Cloud Stream

Track: Frameworks
Apache® Pulsar™ is an open-source, distributed messaging and streaming platform built for the cloud. It provides Pulsar Functions and Pulsar IO connectors which can be leveraged to build Pulsar message processing applications. Spring Cloud Stream is a framework for building message-driven micro-service applications. It provides a Pulsar binder implementation that can be used to build Pulsar message-processing applications. Both of these solutions share a high degree of feature overlap and either could be used to solve the same problem. However, it need not be an ‘either-or’ proposition, they can actually be used in tandem. In this talk, we will demonstrate Pulsar Functions and Pulsar IO connectors and show how Spring for Apache Pulsar simplifies their usage. We will also show how to use the Spring Cloud Stream Pulsar Binder in your application. Finally, we will “cross the streams” and leverage these technologies together to build a Pulsar message processing application.
Chris Bono
Focused on Spring for Apache Pulsar, Spring Cloud Dataflow, and Spring Cloud Stream Applications.