Enhancing Software Design with Spring Modulith

Track: Architecture
Having more tools in your tool belt and knowing when to use each one is a crucial aspect of modern design and architecture. In this talk, I want to introduce you to a new tool: Spring Modulith. This innovative tool is reshaping how we approach software structure, especially in the debate between using Microservices or a Monolithic framework. The central question we'll explore is how to create software that's flexible and can adapt to the evolving needs of a business. Spring Modulith is designed for those working with Spring Boot, offering a way to efficiently organize and evolve software projects. Here’s what we’ll delve into: Defining and managing logical modules within Spring Boot applications using Spring Modulith. Utilizing Spring Modulith’s tools for structural validation tests, ensuring each component functions correctly and cohesively. Documenting the architecture of your application, facilitating better collaboration and future modifications. Implementing interactions between modules in a way that maintains their independence yet allows for effective communication. Monitoring real-time interactions between modules during the software’s operation. A highlight of this talk is a live coding demonstration, where I’ll show Spring Modulith in action. This will be insightful for both seasoned Spring Boot users and newcomers alike. Join us to discover how Spring Modulith can enhance your toolkit, making your software projects more adaptable and aligned with the dynamic landscape of business requirements.
DaShaun Carter
DaShaun is a husband, father of four, volunteer, struggling athlete and Spring Developer Advocate at VMware Tanzu. Deliberately practicing to build, run, and manage, better software, faster.