Focus on software, not code

Track: Practices and other tech
There is a recent trend to focus too much on code, sometimes losing sight of the end goal, which is running software, and it's costing everybody precious time and money. I will talk about the difference between code and software, and why it's so important to focus on the latter, without dismissing the former, using real-life examples and situations to illustrate the benefits of focusing on software and not just code, such as prioritizing optimizations, improving performance, fixing bugs, and even keeping tech debt under control.
Enrique Zamudio
Enrique Zamudio is a professional programmer since 1994, based in Mexico City. He has specialized in server-side development with Java since 2000, focusing on backend applications, such as transactional switches for e-commerce and payment platforms. He is the author of the open source projects jAlarms, j8583 and ScalaSQL. Enrique joined the Ceylon Language development core team on January 2012, where he's contributed to the language module, the web IDE and the JVM compiler, and is the lead developer of the Ceylon-to-JavaScript compiler.