"Getting Along and Getting Things Done: A Guide for Software Leaders Working with Developers"

Track: Practices and other tech
This session will provide software development leaders and managers with valuable insights and practical strategies for effectively managing and collaborating with developers in their teams. As a software development manager, the ability to lead and inspire a development team is crucial to the success of products and projects. My presentation will explore various aspects of team management, including communication, motivation, conflict resolution, and fostering a positive work environment. Attendees will gain actionable tips and best practices for nurturing productive developer-manager relationships, optimizing workflow processes, and achieving product/project goals while maintaining a harmonious and motivated development team. Whether an experienced manager looking to refine their skills or new to the role, my presentation will equip them with the knowledge and tools to excel in leading their software development team to success.
Priya Jayakumar
Priya Jayakumar has been in the Telecommunications domain for more than a decade. During her time, she has grown from a software developer to leading and managing a team of high caliber Software Development Engineers who build reliable, scalable and secure solutions for T-Mobile’s eCommerce Platform. She creates short- and long-term strategies, promoting innovation in software development and operating a highly stable and always available eCommerce engine for the telecom giant. As a woman, a first-gen immigrant and a mother, Priya takes pride in her work and always fosters positive working environment. She thrives on helping her team succeed and has received multiple compliments for effectively managing and strategizing for the success of her software development team. Currently she is helping her team build a Zero to Hero environment in an Active-Active Segmented Routing ensuring availability and integrity of a database and multiple environments across geographical regions.