How To Make Your JavaScript Accessible Without Losing Your Sanity (Or Your Hair)

Track: Web and Front-end
Accessibility is an important aspect of web development, ensuring that people with disabilities can access and use web applications. However, accessibility can often be an afterthought for developers. In this talk, we will explore how JavaScript developers can build more accessible web applications and start by discussing specific techniques and tools that JavaScript developers can use to ensure their applications are more accessible. We will cover topics such as basic accessibility, using semantic HTML and ARIA attributes, implementing keyboard accessibility, and testing for accessibility issues. We will also discuss how to ensure accessibility when working with popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks and the importance of designing for accessibility from the outset. By the end of this talk, attendees will have a solid understanding of the principles of web accessibility and specific techniques and tools they can use to build more inclusive web applications with JavaScript.
Todd Libby
I am a W3C Invited Expert and Accessibility Advocate as an independent consultant since 1999. I have been a Senior Accessibility Engineer for the past 25 years with extensive front and back end development experience having designed, built, and maintained websites for small and large companies, remediating and auditing websites for WCAG compliance and part of many at the W3C whom are working on WCAG3. I co-host a podcast, the Front End Nerdery Podcast, and stream on Twitch. Originally from Portland, Maine, and now living in Phoenix, Arizona, I love food and cooking, especially lobster and lobster rolls. In some circles, I am the Lobster guy on Twitter, I wear the moniker with pride.