JVM Ergonomics Profiles: Enhancing Resource Consumption and Performance in Dedicated Environments

Track: Java Platform
Ergonomics Profiles is a new Java Virtual Machine (JVM) feature proposal aimed at improving resource utilization and performance in dedicated JVM environments, such as containers. The proposal outlines the motivation behind Ergonomics Profiles, highlighting the prevalent usage of dedicated resources in modern cloud-based JVM workloads. It addresses the limitations of default JVM ergonomics designed for shared environments and the resulting resource waste. The proposed solution includes the introduction of two profiles: "shared" for traditional environments and "dedicated" for systems with dedicated resources. The dedicated profile offers optimized heuristics for maximizing resource consumption, including dynamic heap size allocation, enhanced garbage collector selection, and native memory estimation. The proposal also presents a new flag for profile selection and provides APIs for programmatically identifying the selected profile. By incorporating Ergonomics Profiles, JVMs can better adapt to dedicated environments, reduce resource waste, and increase overall chances of better performance, resulting in more efficient and scalable Java applications.
Bruno Borges
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