Leveraging Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile in Stateful Microservices

Track: JakartaEE
Integration of Jakarta EE 10 Core Profile -compatible microservices frameworks with in-memory data grids creates a powerful platform for productive development and scalable operation of modern microservice architectures. Developers benefit from Map-based persistence APIs injected into RESTful services, while the resulting architecture exhibits elastic scalability in cloud-native deployments. This session will explore such an integration with Helidon 4 and Coherence CE, and highlight state-of-the-art applications achieved as a result. Java 21 virtual threads and MicroProfile 6 are also implemented in this integration. Join us to learn how the Jakarta EE platform can power your next cloud-native stateful microservices system.
Aleks Seovic
Aleks Seović is an architect at Oracle where he works on Coherence—a leading open source in-memory data grid—and contributes to the Helidon microservices framework. Most recently, Aleks led the design and implementation of the Helidon gRPC framework, as well as CDI and Eclipse MicroProfile support in Oracle Coherence. He currently leads the implementation of Oracle Coherence native clients, GraphQL support, and Helidon, Micronaut and Spring integration, and serves as the spec lead for the Jakarta RPC specification, which aims to make implementation of gRPC services in Java as simple as possible.