Preparing for the Java 21 cert and learning new features

Track: Core Java
Looking to learn about features in the language added after Java 17 in more detail? As programmers we are used to dealing with edge cases. But what about edge cases in the language? As certification book authors, we encounter lots of interesting and/or surprising behavior. After a brief overview of the cert, we will explain these features and walk through lots of tricky questions. Come to this session and walk away with an increased awareness in these Java topics.
Jeanne Boyarsky
Jeanne Boyarsky is a Java Champion and published author. She co-authored Sybex’s hugely popular Java 8/11/17 certification books with Scott Selikoff. Jeanne is a Java developer with 21 years experience and volunteers with a FIRST robotics team.  She has spoken at DevNexus, KCDC, JavaOne, and QCon.  Jeanne is a Distinguished Toastmaster which involves giving over 50 public speeches. For more on Jeanne’s professional experience:, see https:/