Quarkus in the Cloud: Strategies for Teams and Topolgies

Track: Cloud Native
Java is a powerhouse of a language suitable for use in many environments, footprints, and form-factors. As we collectively learn more about how to write cloud applications, we're seeing more nuanced discussions about how we build applications: should we be using monoliths or microservices? Should I use cloud functions? What is a modular monolith and is it a good idea or not? These choices require thoughtful architectural decisions and optimization strategies, not only at the code level but also in fostering effective teamwork. This talk delves deep into the architectural nuances and trade-offs essential for making informed decisions in these deployment paradigms.
Erin Schnabel
Erin Schnabel (@ebullientworks) is a Distinguished Engineer and maker of things at Red Hat. She is a Java Champion, with over 25 years under her belt as a developer, technical leader, architect and advocate, and she strongly prefers being up to her elbows in code. Erin learns (and teaches) by coding ridiculous things, like "Monster Combat" (https://github.com/ebullient/monster-combat), an application that makes monsters fight each other to explore application metrics; and “Game On! Text Adventure” (https://gameontext.org) for exploring cloud native development.