Supersonic, Subatomic GitHub

Track: Cloud Native
You've seen GitHub Actions, but did you know about GitHub Apps? "GitHub Apps are tools that extend GitHub's functionality." A GitHub app lets you interact with GitHub -- or a third party system, or both! -- when certain things happen in a repository. Things like someone pushing to the repository, creating a pull request or issue, commenting on or editing pull requests, issues, etc. The official docs show you how to write an App using JavaScript, which is fine, but then you have to use JavaScript! In this presentation, we'll look at how we can use our Java and Quarkus experience to write an application. We'll register the application with GitHub, set up the project for the application, and react to various events. At the end, we'll have a working GitHub application, written in Java (or Kotlin!) that is supersonic, subatomic awesomeness.
Jason Lee
Jason is a Principal Software Engineer with Red Hat, where he works on the WildFly/EAP teams. He is responsible for several areas of the application server, including OpenTelemetry, Micrometer, Jakarta Faces, and Bean Validation. Prior to Red Hat, he worked at Oracle, NetSuite, and Sun Microsystems. With over 25 years of experience, he has worked with a number of programming languages (Java, Kotlin, C/C++, Javascript, and so on) in a variety of industries, with Java (and Java EE) being the primary focus for well over a decade and a half. He found Kotlin a few years ago, and has been trying to use it everywhere possible. Jason blogs at, and is the author of "Java 9 Programming Blueprints", has spoken at several conferences (including JavaOne, Devnexus, and JAXConf), and is the president of the Oklahoma City Java Users Group. On the personal side, he is active in his church, and enjoys playing bass guitar, running, fishing, and a variety of martial arts. He is also married to a beautiful woman, and has two boys, who, thankfully, look like their mother.