The OffHeap Podcast. Devnexus Edition

Track: Core Java
We are back at it again! The usual suspects comes back to record a live episode of OffHeap. We discuss the latest Java News, and we'll have a (incredibly amazing, soon to be found) guest... Like other sessions we'll have trivia and a great time. Come take a listen to our live episode, participate and have fun!
Freddy Guime
Freddy is a Principal Developer at Expedia. Always dealing with performance and usability he is always curious on how to make the overabundance of data useful for travelers, traders and consumers. Having worked with different technologies before has allowed him to come with solutions to rendering bottleneck problems. A Usability Guru, Freddy understands and bridges the concepts of high-throughput with usability within software. He is also the author and maintainer of the, a podcast dedicated to tutorial topics in Java that covers everything from the use of the keyword volatile to the definition of beautiful code, also of, a java news podcast.
Michael Minella